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Cats for life

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Billow and breeze islands and seas mountains of rain and sun.
All that was good and all that was fair, all that was me is gone.

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DIY Faux Sleeve Cape Wrap Tutorial from My Little Secrets. This Céline inspired DIY uses an over sized sweater where you basically cut and finish holes for your arms. Left Photo: Céline, Model Caroline Brasch Nielsen (Elite), Right Photo: DIY by My Little Secrets. For DIY Knockoffs of all kinds go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/knockoff

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Have you guys heard about these metallic temporary jewelry tattoos? They look amazing and are literally stick on tattoos. Here’s a link to where you can buy some. (Etsy Shop) You may also like: (UV light tattoos) 

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The Cornetto Trilogy Toys - Created by Kibooki from Evil Corp


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I still don’t understand why you’re in charge.

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When you are just scrolling down on your dash and suddenly you see a blog you havent go ANY idea how they get there and its just yet ANOTHER blogger who chaged their name…AGAIN

Again? WHY??

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"fake gamer girl"

because i would totally spend 60 bucks on something i don’t want just so i can impress a boy and his penis 

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22nd September 2004 - 23 May 2010

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